On Tap

Resistance Rye Pale Ale – A classic Pale Ale amp’ed up with Rye. Solid malt, but emphasis on hops. The Rye adds a spiciness in the mid palate.  ABV 5% IBU 53 

Isotope Ipa – ‘Cause the dry hop green slime (bad SciFi reference). New England style, hazy IPA medium bitter with lots of citrus in the nose.  ABV 5.8% IBU 55

'Ohm'meal Stout – Classic dark chocolate malts. Oatmeal adds texture and body.  Big hug on a cool day.  ABV 6.4% IBU 26

Third Rail Imperial Red – Hardy malt body with ?? hops. Its Imperial so sip it.  ABV 10% IBU 81

Pale Lime Saison – French farmhouse meets Tropics.  Kaffir lime adds strong perfume to the nose, followed by clean, complex, earthy finish on the palate.  ABV 6.3 IBU 35

Positive Peach – It all about the peaches. Lightly hopped to add interest in the finish. ABV 5.1% IBU 21

Alternator Alt Bier – Classic northern German malt forward, just enough hops to keep it fresh.  ABV 5.3%  IBU 23

Hazelnut Brown – Like the spread but in a glass.  More nuts than chocolate . ABV 5% IBU 33

Sorachi Rice Ale – Not that sriracha, it’s the name of the hop. Slightly sweet at the beginning, crisp, clean finish like sake, but better.  ABV 5.3%  IBU 23

Spark White Ipa – It’s about the bittering hops.  Just enough malt for backbone.  ABV 5.7% IBU 55

Pumpkin Spice – It’s that season.  Nice brown ale infused with pumpkin spice. ABV 6.3 % IBU 24

3 Phase Trippel – our take on a classic Belgium Trippel, hint of smooth malty with hints orange ABV 8.3% IBU 32

Non Alcoholic - Honest Kids Juices, Mexican Coca Cola (glass bottles)